~ At Pyramid’s Secret Health Resort ~

we believe in the power of a comprehensive and holistic approach to immune health. Our specialized preventive and Therapeutic programs integrate both traditional and alternative Therapeutic Methods

create a harmonious synergy that addresses the diverse needs of our guests. Through the careful combination of therapeutic nutrition, kinetic activities, and environmental treatments, we provide a multidimensional experience aimed at optimizing immune function.

Coded preventive and hospital programs commensurate with all the health needs of all pioneers, as the client will be dealt with from the moment of his arrival according to the following:

~ Categories ~

we believe in the power of a comprehensive and holistic approach to immune health

Welcoming our client

Welcoming the client

1. Welcoming the customer, receiving him, offering him a drink, and sending him to his room

Review by the medical team

viewing the results of his tests through the resident medical committee.

Code Vistor

Put the customer on the code for his status.

our programs

Refresher program
( 3 days )

3. The motor and nutritional programs start the qualifying phase (3 days) for each code separately.

Vitality and clear skin program (7 days)

sessions are added under the hierarchical bodies and ozone chambers, with the maximum limit of motor activities being reached.

Recovery and wellness program (14 days)

A comprehensive review of the results and dealing with the client accordingly, with a program to visit the tourist places and a final report from the competent medical committee
~ Team member ~

We have awesome team member to help support.

~ Team member ~

Medical supervision, therapeutic nutrition and eco-tourism